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Mobile Conversion Rate Optimization in 2015

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Conversion Rate Optimization utilizes analytics and user feedback to enhance your website’s performance. CRO can help to improve any metric on your site that’s important to the success of your business; essentially, it paves the way to improvement that allows you to easily acquire new clients, downloads and registrations. A CRO expert understands how to find out what consumers are looking for when they land on your web page and give that information to them. Increasing your call-to-action by using key performance indicators can potentially increase your conversions.

As with any technological trend, the components that make for successful conversion rate optimization are ever-evolving. With the boom in e-commerce many are convinced that 2015 will be the year mobile conversion rate optimization soars its highest.

According to AWA Digital, revenue generated by mobile retail commerce reached an estimated 17 billion dollars by the end of 2014 in the United States – that’s up a whopping $9 billion from just two years ago. Smartphone growth continues to expand as consumers see faster connection speeds with the 4G network, making it easier than ever to make purchases on a cell phone. 2014 showed some impressive CRO tools that catered specifically to the mobile arena, including Crazy Egg, Ethnio and Qualaroo. So how will mobile CRO in 2015 measure against the previous years?

Relevance Will Take the Spotlight

Website Magazine predicts that context will play a crucial role as marketers continue to focus on providing personalized experiences to consumers. More data about consumers is expected to become available in real time and the ability to capture what is most relevant to visitors by viewing their digital footprints will allow for major changes in the way merchants view CRO.

New Opportunities Will Be Created by Mobile Use

Mobile usage has forever changed the landscape of CRO as smartphones, tablets and e-readers have become more popular. The convenience factor of being able to quickly locate an item online and make a purchase without ever having to leave the house creates a world of endless possibilities for the world of CRO. Perhaps the rise in mobile traffic combined with the increasing consumption of video will drastically affect conversion in the next year.

Interactive Experiences Will Continue to Rise

Consumers are attracted to relevant, useful content. The co-founder and CEO of Ion Interactive predicts, “In 2015, CRO will find its greatest successes in useful, interactive, un-gated content experiences.” Consumers want more transparency and more access to quality information and companies now have more opportunity than ever to provide the kind of content that builds trust. Providing interactive experiences to consumers is the avenue that will achieve the greatest results because it demonstrates transparency in ways that other content simply can’t. It’s essentially the difference in reading a book or watching a movie – websites that can provide both will stand above the rest this year.

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